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Latest Posts:
How Exercise Impacts Your Oral Health
Posted on 3/15/2019 by Alyce
It is well known that exercise is important for your health. It improves four cardiovascular systems, strengthens your muscles and bones and keeps your weight regulated. This reduces the potential that you could contract, for example, diabetes or other weight-related conditions. Though exercise is good to keep the blood pumping and flowing, which helps your oral health, exercise plans should also take other factors into consideration that affect your oral health. Many of these factors become habits of those who practice an exercise regimen. You consider the snacks you eat before exercising, and you also ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated. These aspects of exercise must be examined with your oral health in mind. What Effect Does Hydration Have on My Teeth? When you exercise, whether you are a runner, walker, cyclist or use weight machines in a gym, you always ensure that you drink plenty of fluids. You should, it is important to stay adequately hydrated. But seldom you athletes consider what they are drinking relation to their oral health, they are primarily concerned with replacing the fluid and electrolytes lost during the exercise process. It is important and does prevent other problems from occurring. But seldom do athletes consider their oral health. What you drink makes a difference. Most sports drinks, though they replace your electrolytes, contain high amounts of sugar. The sugar is not there to assist you in the replacement task, but is simply there to make the drink taste better. The sugars in these drinks, sit on your teeth, break down into acids, and help the bacteria on your teeth Another problem that athletes have when exercising is breathing. If you engage in mouth breathing, rather than breathing through your nose, you are drying your mouth out and reducing the flow of saliva. This causes your mouth to get dry and prevents the saliva from rinsing your teeth. For more information, give our office a call!...

Bruxism Can Affect You for Years to Come if Left Untreated
Posted on 2/25/2019 by Alyce
Most people notice that now and again they clench their teeth without really thinking about it. However, it is not a habit, just an occasional thing. However, there are some people out there who find that this happens often, even multiple times a day sometimes. This is bruxism. Your teeth are ground together or clenched together without you even realizing it at certain times. If you do not come in and get this treated, it could lead to problems you face for the rest of your life. Bruxism Harms Your Teeth Since most people do not realize they grind or clench their teeth, it can become a problem that you may not even realize you have until it is causing you pain. If you happen to miss coming to our office for a checkup, we may even miss the signs that you have bruxism. Once it becomes known, it is usually with signs like flattened teeth, increased tooth sensitivity, and sometimes even broken chewing surfaces of your mouth. If you come in every six months like we ask, we can often spot the warning signs before they cause you harm. Letting bruxism go untreated leaves your teeth in danger. Once bruxism hits a certain point, your teeth are damaged. Sometimes, it can even lead to tooth loss, which is not able to be repaired, only reconstructed. We want to help you avoid this fate. Instead, we want to check your mouth out regularly and make sure there are no symptoms showing up now. Call our office to set up your next exam, and let us know if you think you could struggle with bruxism. The sooner we start to watch for the symptoms, the more likely we are to catch them before you have long-term consequences to deal with....

Best Restorative Options for Chipped Teeth
Posted on 2/15/2019 by Alyce
When we were children, it was not all that unusual for us to chip a baby tooth. Lots of kids chip their teeth playing sports, or during a fall. If you chip a tooth during childhood, it is not that big of a deal because your baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. However, if you chip your teeth during adulthood, you have to live with it. The good news is, you don't have to. There are many restorative options we can give you if you chip a tooth. Dental Fillings Sometimes, a tooth can be fixed by just putting a filling on the surface of the tooth in order to fill in a hole in your tooth. Fillings are best used when the chip is in the middle of the tooth, or when the chip is close to the gumline. Dental Crowns Sometimes, the chip is so large, we can't fix it with a filling. This often happens when there has been trauma to the tooth area due to an accident. In those cases, we can use a crown in order to restore the tooth to the right size and color to match the rest of your teeth. Dental Bridges Dental bridges can replace multiple chipped teeth at one time, especially if some of the teeth have broken off completely. Dental bridges usually consist of two teeth with crowns that act as anchors for a partial denture. Many people choose dental bridges, because they are cost effective. Dental Implants We often use dental implants because they are often the best option for our clients. Dental implants are the closest thing to a real tooth that we can do. Because the implant screws directly into the jawbone, it continues to stimulate the jawbone so that it doesn't deteriorate. If you have chipped teeth, give us a call, and let us tell you about all of your options to restore your beautiful smile....

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