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Greens You Want to Eat for Improved Oral Health
Posted on 8/30/2018 by Alyce
Popeye ate spinach in order to strengthen his muscles, but he never once considered the benefits for his teeth. In real life, many dentists recommend the consumption of leafy green vegetables to boost oral health. Read on to learn more about the best greens for your oral health and why they are so important. What Are the Best Green Vegetables for Oral Health? Green vegetables are packed full of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain – and improve – your smile. There are several great options: Green vegetables like celery are also Superfoods when it comes to your teeth. Why Are Leafy Greens So Good for Your Oral Health? Leafy greens are a good addition to your diet, as they offer oral health and total health benefits. There are a variety of benefits associated with these vegetables: Adding some greens to your next meal can dramatically benefit your oral health. How Can You Eat More Leafy Greens? If you aren't a fan of salads, you can still add leafy greens to your diet. Try out some new recipes and add vegetables into: We want you to have a smile that you feel proud of, and the foundation is always healthy teeth. In addition to a healthy diet, regular brushing and flossing are essential, as are your regular dental evaluations. If it is time for your next appointment, give us a call today to get scheduled....

Good Oral Health Saves You Time and Money
Posted on 8/20/2018 by Alyce
Everyone enjoys the idea of saving money. If you need any type of professional medical care, you may not worry about trying to save money. You accept that it is going to cost a lot, but figure your health is worth it. It may cost a lot to go see a dentist, but that does not mean you can't save money on your oral health. There are plenty of things you can do that will cost you less money than you realize. The Cost of the Dentist Biannual visits to our dental offices are not very expensive. They are also something you can plan for. It is the trips to take care of a problem with your teeth that can add up. Because of that cost, many people avoid coming to the dentist until they have no other choice. By that time, the cost of treatment has probably gone much higher. The best way to keep the costs of visits to the dentist is to deal with problems as early as possible. The sooner you recognize a problem, the easier it is to treat. If you do that along with the biannual visits, the costs of trips to the dentists will drop. Preventative Care The second way to save money is through the practice of good habits. Good habits, including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day. It includes using a toothpaste with fluoride in it. You need to make sure that you get a new toothbrush every six months, or more often if they wear out. In addition to doing these things, it is also important to learn how to do them correctly. There are right ways and wrong ways to brush and floss. While doing it the wrong way may not hurt your teeth and gums, it may not help as much as it should either. This could end up costing you money because you are not taking the best care of your teeth possible. There are times when it takes spending a little money and time to save a lot of money and time later. Good oral health is one of those times. The things you do know, will impact you later. For more information about how to take care of your oral health, contact the professionals at our office today....

Signs Your Tooth May Be Decaying from the Inside
Posted on 7/20/2018 by Alyce
Often times people are surprised by the fact that not only can your teeth develop cavities and decay that occurs from the outside of the tooth going in; your teeth are also capable of decaying or 'dying' from the inside out. Let's examine some of the symptoms of tooth decay and talk about what you can do to prevent it, or treat it if it's already happening. How Can a Tooth Die? Unlike your hair or your fingernails, which are made up of dead cells, your teeth are very much alive. They are filled with blood vessels, capillaries and nerves inside of the tooth's pulp cavity. Occasionally the inside of the tooth can die. Usually this is a result of trauma, an injury to the mouth, but not always. When this happens, the pulp dies, and your tooth will start looking dark brown or black even though you may not be able to see any visible cavities. If your tooth has died, there is little we can do other than removing the dead pulp from the center of the tooth and filling the tooth cavity. (A root canal procedure) If the tooth has been deeply stained, it is possible to bleach the tooth from the inside out after clearing the cavity. This will remove the stains. How To Prevent Decay Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing tooth decay, whether it's from the outside in or the inside out. This includes regular checkups and cleanings with our office! Additionally, protecting your mouth and teeth from injury is important if you're active in sports. A seemingly minor injury to a tooth can begin the slow process of the tooth decaying from the inside out. If you do sustain an injury to your mouth or teeth, please call us as soon as possible so we can help assess the situation to avoid future complications. Be safe out there!...

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