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What Are Impacted Canines And How Does A Dentist Treat Them?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Alyce
What Are Impacted Canines And How Does A Dentist Treat Them?Impacted canines occur when the canines get trapped beneath the gums. Canines are the teeth sitting on each side of the incisor teeth. Impacted canines are common in children and need to be corrected as soon as possible. When canines stay impacted for long, the developing roots beneath tend to bond with the jawbone. The teeth, in some cases, if impacted emerge abnormally. They need to be treated since they not only aid in the tearing function of teeth but also provide guidance for alignment for the adult teeth.

Causes of Impacted Canines

The canine teeth have a greater risk of getting impacted. This is attributed to their long roots which tend to require more space. In a case where teeth are overcrowded, canines tend to lack adequate space to grow in. Another case is one in which there is a delay in baby teeth falling out, hence causing a blockage that makes it difficult for new teeth to emerge normally.

Prevention and Treatment of Impacted Canines

The treatment plan for impacted canines is dependent on the stage of growth. Canines will be able to come in naturally if there is room for them to grow by the time a child is 11 or 12 years. Dental professionals highly recommend that children aged 7 or 8 years should have a dental examination done to evaluate the necessity of putting braces to help make space.

Children whose teeth fail to fall out within the expected period should be reviewed by a dental surgeon who will extract the teeth to give room for permanent teeth to grow naturally. If by the age of 13 or 14, the adult canines have not erupted, they may need exposure and bonding done.

Braces will be prepared by the oral surgeon who will then expose the canines and bond to the tooth a small bracket. The canines can then be pulled gently into the braces by an orthodontist with the aid of the bracket. Impacted canines in adulthood that fuse with the bone will never emerge. An oral surgeon can extract them and fix dental implants or use other tooth replacement options. Get treatment for impacted canines and other dental-related issues from our dental clinic today.

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