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Symptoms of Dental Caries in Adults

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Row of five toy teeth, all smiling except for the middle tooth which frowns because of cavitiesDental caries is a common chronic infection in your tooth. The progressive condition results from poor oral hygiene, diet, or negative lifestyle habits. If you neglect to care for your oral health, bacteria will invade your oral structures and lead to the metabolization of sugars, which will eventually produce acid. After some time, the acid will lead to the demineralization of your tooth structure, creating dental caries. Some of the symptoms of the dental caries include:


Persistent pain or any discomfort in your teeth can indicate dental caries. The pain can range from mild to severe and can be triggered by hot or cold beverages and foods. Ensuring that your teeth are examined by a dentist when you note any pain is essential.


If dental caries have also infected the pulp of your tooth, it can lead to sensitivity to cold or hot food and beverages. If you experience sharp, constant pain when ingesting some of these foods and drinks, it can indicate the presence of holes or cavities in your teeth.

Visible Pits or Holes

Cavities are notorious and will cause visible changes on the surfaces of the affected tooth. When you examine your teeth, you may note dark holes, pits, or spots in the enamel. These holes are mostly common in the crevices and grooves of your teeth. Sometimes, they'll be along the gumline.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Persistent bad breath that does not go away even with the right oral hygiene practices can also indicate dental caries. Bacteria associated with cavities will produce some foul-smelling compounds that are the leading cause of this funny smell.

Pain When Chewing

Any pain when chewing or biting down on one tooth or a set of teeth can also be a sign of dental caries. You can examine if there are visible holes in the teeth or visit our dental expert for a thorough check. It is best to not delay dental care when you see a cavity. Early intervention is best for your oral health.

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