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What Are Snaggleteeth?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Timothy H. Kindt DDS
 computer generated illustration of mouth showing overcrowded canines which could be deemed snaggleteethYou may have heard teeth referred to by a lot of nicknames, but you might not be familiar with the term snaggletooth. Depending on where snaggleteeth are located, they can simply be a nuisance, or they can create issues for your smile as well as your bite. Here is some information about what snaggleteeth are and how our dentist treats them.

About Snaggleteeth

We use the term snaggletooth when we see a tooth that is not in alignment with our other teeth. It may protrude from your other teeth at an angle, or it could be turned to the side. It leaves your smile looking uneven. Also, the snaggletooth may make the rest of your teeth in that jaw look crooked and out of alignment. Often, a snaggletooth can be located anywhere in your mouth, but they are more common toward the front of your mouth.

How Can You Treat Snaggleteeth?

If you have a snaggletooth, you have several options for treatment, depending on where the snaggletooth is located and if you have one or several snaggleteeth. Snaggleteeth usually occur because your teeth are severely overcrowded, causing one tooth to stick out away from your other teeth. If your teeth are overcrowded, our dentist can fix them with either clear aligners or braces, depending on how severe the crowding is. If your teeth are either mildly or moderately crowded, you may qualify for aligners, which are made of medical-grade plastic. You can remove the aligners to clean your teeth as well as when you eat. Aligners are less expensive and take less time than braces do.

However, if your teeth are severely overcrowded, you may need to wear braces. Braces use metal, porcelain, or plastic brackets cemented to the front of your teeth. Wires are then threaded through each bracket. Our dentist will tighten your wires occasionally to move your teeth to the right place in line with your other teeth.

Do you think you or your children may have a snaggletooth? We can help. Why not schedule a consultation with our dentist today, and they can give you suggestions for fixing your snaggletooth.

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