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How a Cleaning in Our Dental Office Differs from Yours At Home

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Alyce
How a Cleaning in Our Dental Office Differs from Yours At HomeComparing the cleaning in your home versus a dental office will help you notice things at your next dental visit. We will compare the differences in dental office cleanings compared to what you may do at home.

Allow us to give you information to show your mouth the best oral care available. By utilizing at-home methods in combination with a dental visit every six months we will show you how this plan has the best results.

What an Average Home Cleaning Does for Cleanliness

The products you use at home can vary. It is suggested you first floss daily followed by brushing for two minutes twice daily. Follow that up with fluoride mouthwash and you are on track. Electronic toothbrushes and floss picks have shown to remove more plaque and bacteria vs the standard. Make sure to use products approved by the American Dental Association. Studies have recently shown that water pick flosser removes 51% more of gingivitis than floss and 29% more plaque. They are considerably more expensive than regular floss. As long as you are following the standard recommendation you are on track.

What Cleanings Are Involved at Our Office

After your initial x-ray your dentist will make a recommendation on the types of cleaning you will need. For people who possess a healthy mouth, they will receive a preventative cleaning called a prophylaxis cleaning. Any patches of small plaque and bacteria are removed, then the coating is set on your enamel to protect it. A gross debridement cleaning is the removal of hardened plaque called calculus. It's caused by minerals, saliva, and gingival growth.

Following the gross debridement are a Scale and Polish cleaning. It simply is cleaning down in the gum line to remove calculus. Root planing is a form of deep cleaning that focuses on removing the periodontal disease. It follows the cleanings above as well as provides antibiotic gel treatment for the disease. If you do suffer from periodontal disease most dental offices will recommend periodontal cleaning at a frequency of 3 months to prevent any more bone loss.

I hope it is now clear to see the variety of cleanings that are performed through a dental office. They are incredibly different than your home routine. Fighting gingivitis and gum disease with just a simple toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash can prove difficult. They will keep infection and disease at bay, but seeing your dentist every six months is the most effective. Our office is available for your deep cleaning needs. If you are in need of one, please contact us for an appointment.
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