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Cosmetic Contouring
Mesa, AZ

Your smile is one of the very first things that people notice about you. One of the biggest components in the quality of your smile is the condition of your teeth. It is understandable that any flaws in your teeth can make you self-conscious. Fortunately, flaws can be fixed. One flaw that can affect the appearance of your smile is uneven teeth. If uneven teeth are causing you to hide your smile from the world, Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, can help with cosmetic contouring.

What Is Cosmetic Contouring?

Cosmetic contouring, also called tooth reshaping or cosmetic reshaping, is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure designed to improve the look and feel of uneven teeth. The procedure is fast, and the results are instant. It is used to make minor alterations to the structure of your teeth and is completely safe and painless. It can be used to fix issues such as:
•  Teeth that appear longer than others.
•  Small chips in the enamel.
•  Minor overlapping.
•  Irregularly shaped teeth.

Before after treatment images at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS
Before after treatment images at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS

How Is Cosmetic Contouring Done?

Before undergoing cosmetic contouring, we first perform an evaluation of your mouth, which will also include dental X-rays. The exam is done to make sure that your mouth is healthy and that cosmetic contouring is the right option for you. It is designed to correct only minor flaws. Correcting large flaws with cosmetic contouring can compromise the affected teeth, leaving them susceptible to damage.

Cosmetic contouring is done using a special tool that quickly and effectively grinds away minor imperfections. The teeth are buffed and polished to a more beautiful, natural finish. Even the smallest adjustments can greatly improve the appearance of your smile.

The Advantages of Cosmetic Contouring

There are numerous benefits to cosmetic contouring.
•  You are provided with instant results.
•  Quick results. The procedure is quick, often taking less than 30 minutes.
•  No pain is involved. There are no nerves in the enamel of your teeth, making the process completely painless. Not even a local anesthetic is needed.
•  Affordability. Cosmetic contouring is an inexpensive way to correct minor flaws in the teeth.
•  Improved oral health. By correcting minor flaws, such as overlapping, your teeth are easier to clean and less susceptible to buildup. This reduces your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
•  Permanent. The enamel does not grow back, making this a permanent solution.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

While cosmetic contouring can greatly improve the appearance of teeth afflicted by minor flaws, it does have a few disadvantages.
•  It cannot be used to make significant changes. Cosmetic contouring involves the removal of small amounts of enamel. If you are in need of bigger alterations, other cosmetic solutions will need to be explored.
•  There is a risk of tooth damage. It foo much tooth enamel is removed, the treated teeth can be put at risk for damage. There needs to be sufficient enamel remaining on the teeth to protect them.

Cosmetic contouring can be an ideal solution for making minor adjustments to the teeth, improving both their look and their feel. To find out if cosmetic contouring is the right solution for you, call Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, today to schedule your consultation at (480) 939-5818.
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Cosmetic Contouring - Mesa, AZ • Timothy H. Kindt, DDS
If uneven teeth are causing you to hide your smile from the world, Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, can help with cosmetic contouring. Call us today at (480) 939-5818.
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