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Dental Emergency
Mesa, AZ

A dental emergency can be very distressing. At Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, we have taken measures to help you be seen quickly when needed. Additionally, there are some steps that you can take before being seen. We never want our patients to experience unnecessary pain. Call us at (480) 939-5818 right away if you or your child experiences a dental emergency.

In a dental emergency, the immediate actions taken can make a difference. A minor repair can become a serious problem even resulting in permanent loss of a tooth.

Tooth Pain

Pain or sensitivity in teeth can be a symptom of a problem. We will want to see you for an appointment, don’t just ignore pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Before you can be seen, there are some steps that you can take to relieve the pain, this includes:
•  Clean the Area: We recommend a thorough cleaning of the area. Brush, floss and rinse your mouth to dislodge and remove any debris.
•  Avoid Extreme Temperatures: While waiting to be seen, avoid consuming foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold including coffee or ice cream. Tooth sensitivities to food temperatures can be a definite source of pain.
•  Rinse with Salt Water: Gargling and then spitting lukewarm salt water can help prevent infection. The salt can reduce bacteria in your mouth.
•  Pain Relief Medication: Taking an over the counter pain relief medication as directed can help with the pain until you can be seen.

A common reason for tooth pain is the presence of decay causing bacteria. In many cases, a dental filling is needed following the removal of decay, or a dental crown for more severe cases.

Cracked Tooth

Cracking or breaking a tooth can be very upsetting and painful. Though a cracked tooth is not as serious as a knocked out tooth, it still requires an emergency dental visit. We will want to see you as soon as possible. Prior to being seen, there are steps you can take, this includes:
•  Collect Tooth Piece: If you have an actual piece of broken tooth, collect it, we may be able to put it back in place. If possible, store the broken piece of tooth in a small cup of milk, not water. Don’t try to clean the tooth piece, you may remove important material.
•  Rinse your Mouth: It’s ok to rinse your mouth with warm water. This will remove unwanted material and may relieve discomfort.
•  Cold Compress: A cold compress may help with discomfort while waiting to be seen. In many cases the under layer of dentin is exposed when a tooth is broken and causing pain, try to not let food or drink come in contact with the dentin layer while waiting to be seen.

Restoring a tooth is always the preferred treatment over extraction. We will do what we can to save, strengthen and rebuild the tooth structure. At Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, we have several forms of anesthetic and conscious sedation options available depending on the work that needs to be done.

Knocked Out Tooth

Teeth can become knocked out while playing sports, playing outside, from falls or any other form of impact to the face. When a tooth is knocked out, the most crucial steps can be the choices made immediately following. We will want to see you as soon as possible, time is of the essence. Before we see you, there are steps you can take, this includes:
•  Collect Tooth: Locate the knocked out tooth and do your best to keep it moist. If the patient is old enough to manage, place the tooth back in place, or have them hold it in their mouth. It’s ok to lightly rinse the tooth to clear away dirt, but don’t pick at or scrub away material, it could be needed ligaments. If the patient is unable to place it in their mouth, put it in a cup of milk, preferably not water.
•  Respond Quickly: Time will make a difference, try to be seen immediately. Ideally within thirty minutes, but as quickly as possible. Quick response can make the difference of the tooth being restored or lost forever. It is always best to keep your natural teeth when possible.

Avulsed, or knocked out, teeth can occur with anyone, but most often we see it with children. Developing a plan and knowing the steps to take when a tooth is knocked out can help alleviate the stress if the time comes.

When a dental emergency occurs, call us at (480) 939-5818 and get to the dental office as soon as possible.
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