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Postpartum Dental Appointments Are Incredibly Important

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Alyce
Postpartum Dental Appointments Are Incredibly ImportantPregnancy and childbirth comprise a series of hormonal and physical changes. These changes also affect the teeth and require attention to prevent tooth damage.

Usually, your teeth will heal naturally after giving birth, but in case this does not happen, then a dental appointment will be necessary.

Among the dental issues you will experience that will require a dental appointment after childbirth include oral lesions, gum disease and tooth movement.

Oral Lesions and Gum Disease

During pregnancy, you might experience an increase in gastric acid due to the increase in your eating frequency.

This increase may attract acid-loving bacteria whose activities produce more acid.

Also, if you have morning sickness, constant vomiting will expose your teeth to the acid. This acid can erode the enamel, the protective part of your teeth, predisposing you to cavities. It may also erode your soft tissues and leave your mouth with painful sores.

Besides the acid sores, you may also get pregnancy tumors between teeth due to accumulation of plaque, but the tumors disappear on their own after delivery.

In case they don't, our professional can always remove them after pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones may also cause gingivitis, which, if untreated, may cause gum disease.

Thus, after delivery, to check whether your gums are healing by themselves or require attention.

Teeth movement

Pregnancy causes an increase in the production of hormone estrogen and progesterone, which cause temporary looseness of the tissues that hold your teeth.

This, in turn, loosens your teeth, causing them to move slightly from their sockets. Thus, after delivery, you need a checkup to see whether the teeth have gone back to their right spots. With a regular postpartum dental appointment, it will be possible to correct any damages on your teeth caused by pregnancy.

Also, in case you postponed some procedures due to pregnancy, postpartum appointments will provide the opportunity to address the issues. Contact us today for postpartum dental checkups.
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