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All You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Alyce
All You Need to Know About Sedation DentistryIn dentistry, sedation is a technique used to perform treatments at no risk of discomfort. It is often offered as an option for patients who undergo high levels of stress during a dental consultation, or as a way to make complex procedures significantly more comfortable.

Depending on the selected sedation method, the state of consciousness of a patient may vary. However, the most common method keeps patients conscious but relaxed during the procedure.

Symptoms after Sedation

Some patients have doubts about this type of treatment despite it being widely used. Most concerns relate to the side effects and symptoms that may occur after undergoing sedation. In reality, however, patients only need a few hours to recover and continue their day as usual after the procedure.

The symptom that most patients present after sedation is numbness. We recommend patients to stay with a responsible adult to avoid any inconveniences, as it may cause a decrease in their reflexes. This effect tends to last for approximately four hours.

Sedation Methods

There are multiple sedation methods available. They vary in the administration of the patient, as well as in their intensity. Before opting for sedation during a procedure, it is important that you go to a previous consultation with our team to evaluate which could be the sedation option that will suit you better.

Minimal sedation is the most common method for quick and simple procedures; with it, the patient responds normally to stimuli from the doctor and is conscious at all times. Another good option is intravenous sedation, which can relax the central nervous system through an intravenous injection.

For more complicated procedures, deep sedation is an option. However, it is not recommended unless it is totally necessary. This is because it can affect vital reflexes. Combined sedation is also an option, and it involves administered medicine by inhalation and intravenous injection. If you want to learn more about the different sedation methods, please contact us today.

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